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Human height is usually measured in metric or imperial units depending on the region. With height being a factor in other measurements, such as ideal weight, the ability to convert height is essential. Thanks to our online converter, you can get equivalent measurements of feet and meters effortlessly.

Feet and Inches to cm Converter

Formulas can be used to perform height conversion between metric and imperial measurements, but remembering and using the formulas can be difficult and unwieldy. An effective, time-efficient alternative is to use a height converter, such as a table, for this task. With a table of equivalent values, you can simply look for your height in feet or centimeters and find the corresponding measurement of the other type. A calculator is even easier to use. All you have to do is enter your height in the box marked for that measurement system, click a button and get the number you need.

Cm to Feet and Inches Converter

With access to our free height converter, you may be able to do more with online health information. For instance, following a guide for a given ideal weight may require knowing your height in the system the guide uses. Having your height in both metric and imperial units, thanks to our free height converter, you can also calculate how many calories are required to lose or maintain weight. Finally, basal metabolic rate is affected by size, including your height, and different guides may use different systems of measurement. Being able to convert height automatically, bypassing the need for formula memorization, lets you take advantage of these resources immediately.

Other Converter Tools

A height converter is far from the only calculator that can aid your healthy lifestyle. A weight converter can be used to convert your current and ideal weight from pounds to kilograms or vice versa. A temperature converter is useful for not only evaluating your body temperature, which is related to metabolism, but also for determining how ambient temperatures compare to recommended ones. Calorie converters, which find equivalent values for energy consumed and burned, can help you develop a healthy and sustainable eating plan. Finally, a BMI converter, which accounts for your height in calculating your relative body mass, is useful for converting between different measurement systems.

Achieve and keep good health

Alongside other measurement tools, height conversion calculators and tables can help you achieve and keep good health. Applications for these tools include creating an exercise plan, improving a diet and determining metabolic health.

FreeHeightConverter.com gives you the resources you need to chart a new course and stay on track. No matter whether imperial or metric units are used to describe the height associated with a given weight or other measurement, you can relax with the equivalent units at your fingertips.

Jobs that require Height Conversions

Teacher Jobs

Teacher Jobs

Math teachers must be confident in their measurement calculation and conversions. Show that you can teach students by listing this skill on your resume.

Healthcare Jobs

Healthcare Jobs

Healthcare employers value doctors who can easily convert measurements. Show your measurement conversion prowess by highlighting this skill on your resume.

Carpenter Jobs

Carpenter Jobs

Measurements come in all varieties in the carpentry industry. Show that you can convert any measurement by highlighting this skill on your resume cover letter.