How many centimeters in 1 foot and 8 inches?

1 foot / 8 inches

   50.80 centimeters

How to convert 1 foot and 8 inches in centimeters

This tool uses the correct formulas to ensure that you get accurate results every time. For instance, to convert feet to centimeters, you would multiply by 30.48, but to convert inches to centimeters, you would multiply by 2.54 Rest assured that we have you covered from a mathematical standpoint.

Converting measurements from feet and inches to centimeters may seem like an easy task for many people. However, the slightest mathematical mistake can throw off your measurements and put your entire project in jeopardy.

Height conversion chart for 1 foot and 8 inches

1' 8" in mm = 1 foot and 8 inches are 508 millimeter
1' 8" in dm = 1 foot and 8 inches are 5.08 decimeter
1' 8" in m = 1 foot and 8 inches are 0.508 meter
1' 8" in km = 1 foot and 8 inches are 0.000508 kilometer

How tall is 1 foot and 8 inches?

1 foot and 8 inches is equal to how many centimeters? Result: 50.80 cm.

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