Temperature Converter

People who live in the U.S. typically use standard measurements to gauge temperatures. They use Fahrenheit instead of Celsius or Kelvin degrees to figure out how hot or cold a temperature is.

However, there may be times when you need to convert Fahrenheit to Kelvin or Celsius particularly if you are following a precise formula or recipe that utilizes metric numbers instead of standard. Rather than try to recall formulas that you may have learned in chemistry or science class, you can get the conversions you need quickly and easily by using a free online temperature converter today.

Reviewing the Formulas

If you would prefer to do the temperature conversion by hand or you worry that you may not be able to access an online temperature converter website as often as needed, you may wish to revisit the formulas needed to these conversions by hand. You can check out a website that shows you the necessary formulas for each temperature conversion. With these formulas, you can convert temperatures from Fahrenheit to Celsius or Kelvin and back again easily.

When you use these formulas, however, it is important that you follow them precisely and use the proper mathematical steps to reach the right answer. If you divide a number before you multiply it, for example, you could reach the wrong answer and throw off your conversion entirely.

115 46
110 43
105 41
100 38
95 35
90 32
85 29
80 27
75 24
70 21
65 18
60 16
55 13
50 10
45 7
40 4
35 2
30 -1
25 -4
20 -7
15 -9
10 -12
5 -15
0 -18
-5 -21
-10 -23
-15 -26
-20 -29

The website reminds you of how to follow the formulas properly and gives you advice on how to get the right number every time. You can print off the formulas and have them with you if you ever are unable to log onto the Internet and use a free online temperature converter tool.

Online Conversion Tool

When you are in a rush for time or you simply do not trust your own converting capabilities, you may instead prefer to use a free online converter that does the math for you.

The tool first asks that you input the temperature that you want to be converted. After you input the number, you must then indicate its unit. You then must indicate into what unit you would like it converted. After you input those simple details, the website will provide you the right conversion temperature within seconds.

You can then use the number to carry out any number of scientific tasks like cooking, mixing liquids or chemicals, and a host of other activities that call for converting temperatures. This tool is available to you around the clock and at no charge. It also gives you accurate responses without rounding up the conversions.

Get accurate results every time

Remembering scientific formulas needed to convert temperatures from standard to metric or back again can be a challenge if you have not used this information for years. Carrying out these formulas requires a certain amount of mathematical prowess as well.

When you do not trust your own formulaic capabilities or you lack the time to work the math out by hand, you may instead find it easier to use a free online conversion tool for temperatures. You can use this tool at no charge and anytime of the day or night. It gives you the answer you need without fail every time and saves you time and effort.